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Top Information Management Services

IMS was founded in 2012, and it has helped dozens of companies across the world since then. These are out best selling services.


Web content management solutions

We offer custom Web Content Management solutions that help your employees create, manage and display great looking website pages, landing pages, and more.

Your WCMS will be accessible through a regular web browser. The system can be used by anyone; no coding experience is required.


Digital assets management

We help you create a central repository system, which can then be used to access, manage, edit, distribute and store all your digital assets, be them videos, photos, documents or presentations.

We create a custom application that will allow you to catalog, tag and share all your digital assets effortlessly.


Enterprise data management

Many enterprises gather their data from various sources, and this can lead to data conflicts and errors. It's not a surprise that proper enterprise data management is critical for responsible companies.

We streamline internal and external data, using custom built software which guarantees proper data exchange and communication.


Network security management

We set up, and then enforce a set of network policies which can help prevent any cyber attack. We install powerful intrusion detection systems which monitor network traffic and can alert system admins.

We have successfully stopped port scanning, viruses, DOS attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, ARP poisoning, SQL injections, and more.


Learning management systems

We help your company set up an LMS that can be used to provide in-depth courses and training programs. Your instructors will be able to add training materials, administer tests, track progress, and more.

Optionally, we can also add real-time, instructor-led training features to your learning management system.


Document management systems

We create custom software applications that store traditional prints and documents digitally. The system can read paper-based invoices, for example, saves copies of them as images, and then indexes them.

All the resulting images are indexed automatically using high-performance OCR technologies, and can be searched easily.